Cutting Equipment & Misc. Products

Vacuum Hose & Accessory Products

Vacuum hoses and vacuum probes are used during the vacuum bagging process of composite applications to hold pressure in and outside of autoclave applications. Vacuum Hoses and Vacuum Probes are used in conjunction with each other to prevent leaks while holding high temperatures and pressures required for Aerospace applications during vacuum bagging processes.

Caul Pad

Caul Pad is a non-silicone, uncured rubber which remains pliable and should last several hours without fear of contamination. This product works as a pressure intensifier which provides uniform pressure distribution during autoclave processing. It may be used without fear of contamination, as it contains no silicones or silicates of any kind. Commonly used for bladders, reduction of core crush, reduction of wrinkles in laminates, reduction of prepreg bridging as well as a variety of other applications.

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Cutting Pad and Cutting Equipment Accessories

Urethane Table Covers are used in or near Cutting Surfaces within the composite clean room and layup area where flat cutting and working surfaces are required. The cutting surface has a smooth surface to work with so not to injure hands or damage product being worked with, while preventing contamination.

Shears, strippers, and cutting tools designed specifically for processing technical fabrics, fiberglass, kevlars, carbon fiber, aramids, rope, wire, and other difficult to cut products within the composite industry.