Masking & Specialty Tapes

Sealant Tapes

Sealant tapes are used to seal the bagging film to the tool or part. They are very pliable and similar in texture to “chewing gum”. Most sealant tapes are butyl-based material which will stick to most bagging films (except silicone which is self-sealing) and to most fiberglass, aluminum, and plate glass tools. Sealant tapes should be tacky enough to allow for ease of sealing while maintain the vacuum bag able to remove cleanly from the part or tool.

Flash Breakers Tapes

Flash Breaker tape is specifically used to hold down materials in the vacuum bagging process. This specially formulated product can achieve a high range of temperatures and is formulated so it will release from cured resin. It is very effective when used in metal bonding processes. It is also ideal for powder coating and paint booth applications where temperature is critical.

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Aerospace Tapes

Specialty Products
  • Work Aide Fabrication
  • Special Engineer to Order Products
  •  Kevlar Shears and other specialty cutting products
  • Heat Shrink Film
  • Welded Vacuum Bags
  • Custom Kitting
  • Anti-Static Materials
  • Mil Spec Paper and Anti Corrosion products
Specialty Services
  • Rerolling, converting, and slitting services for tapes, foams, and fabrics.
  • Custom Kitting made to order
  • Custom film and Tape templates

Protection & Scratch Prevention Papers, Films, & TApes

Mask-Off is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive protective films, papers, and specialty coatings used in Aerospace, marine, composite, automotive, and industrial applications. As an authorized stocking distributor, we also have in house converting capabilities for those special projects in addition to standard rolls available.